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Black Lagoon S01E05 [480p] Free Download

Episode Title: Eagle Hunting and Hunting Eagles

Episode: S01E05

Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Mystery

IMDB Rating: 8.1/10



Language: Japanese

Air Date: 6 May 2006


Dutch and Benny are kept at bay by the neo-Nazi ship on the surface, having to dodge a series of TOW missiles, while Rock and Revy continue to fight the intruders both inside the downed sub and underwater.

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File Name: Black Lagoon S01E05

File Format: Matroska

Duration: 23 Min

Screen Resolution: 704x480

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Category: Action | Adventure | Animation | Comedy | Crime | Mystery

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6 May 2006Black Lagoon S01E05 [480p][]_00_05_53_00000 Black Lagoon S01E05 [480p][]_00_11_43_00001 Black Lagoon S01E05 [480p][]_00_17_35_00002

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